Cows Chase Suspect, Help Florida Cops Make Arrest

This story sounds like a load of bull – but watch for yourself as these cows steer cops straight to a runaway suspect.

A Win For Criminal Justice Reform

In the Democratic primary for St, Louis County prosecutor, incumbent Robert McCulloch lost to criminal justice reform advocate Wesley Bell.

St. Louis Voters Oust Prosecutor Who Didn’t Bring Charges In Cop Killing Of Michael Brown

Wesley Bell, a city council member in Ferguson, Missouri, upsets Robert McCulloch in Tuesday’s Democratic primary.

If You Want To End Racism, Stop Forgiving Racists

America loves to extend unconditional forgiveness to racists, and it’s going to be our downfall.

Larry Nassar Blames Judge For Prison Assault, Files Appeal For New Sentence

In a newly filed appeal, Nassar’s lawyer suggested Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s castigation of Nassar laid the groundwork for the alleged assault.

California Prosecutor Refuses To Allow DNA Test That Could Exonerate Inmate

Kenneth Moore has spent decades behind bars for crimes he claims he did not commit. The Alameda County district attorney’s office is refusing him a chance to prove his innocence.

The Privilege Of Being Arrested As A White Woman

I’m shocked at how seamlessly my arrest played out.

Addiction Should Not Be Punishable By Deportation

Even immigrants with green cards can be deported for a single conviction related to a controlled substance.

NFL Players Say Trump’s Pardons Aren’t Enough To Fix A Broken System

They suggested Trump issue a mass pardon for prisoners who have already served many years for nonviolent drug crimes.

‘The Staircase’ Attorney David Rudolf Isn’t Happy The Owl Theory Became A Joke

Michael Peterson’s trusted lawyer explains why his client agreed to a documentary. And, yeah, he gets into the owl theory.