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Opinion: Trump is shafting federal workers

President Trump’s announcement that he wants to cancel the 2.1% pay raise for federal workers is just the latest assault on the middle class. He sent a statement to Congress on Thursday saying we can’t afford to give our people a measly 2.1% bump because — are you ready for this? — “We must maintain […]

How Andrew Cuomo is sidestepping Cynthia Nixon's challenge

“You’re not running for president?” asked the debate’s moderator, Maurice DuBois. “No. I’m running for governor of New York,” said Cuomo, who is fighting a challenge from actor Cynthia Nixon, best known as a co-star of the “Sex in the City” TV series. Pressed for a direct promise to serve out a full term, Cuomo […]

A look ahead at remembrance ceremonies for John McCain

The Arizona Republican died last Saturday, a day after his family announced he was stopping medical treatment for the brain cancer he had been battling. McCain left Arizona for the final time Thursday, and his body was to arrive at Joint Base Andrews, in Maryland, on Thursday evening. Here’s a look at the upcoming ceremonies […]

Why passport report strikes a familiar fear in me

According to the Post, these developments stem from a government allegation that from the 1950s to the 1990s, midwives and doctors working along the border issued American birth certificates to babies born in Mexico, which some birth attendants have admitted in court. Though addressing this problem was under way during the Bush and Obama administrations, […]

'You know I got a pistol?' the man yelled. So the Uber driver shot him

Driving along a dark stretch of two-lane road in central Florida, Boek swerved his pickup truck early Tuesday morning in front of the rideshare car. Uber driver Robert Westlake slammed on his brakes. They narrowly avoided a crash and stopped in the middle of the roadway. Then, Boek jumped out of his truck and quickly […]

Trump just gave a giant hint about when he'll fire Sessions

“I just would love to have him do a great job,” Trump told Bloomberg, before pointedly noting that he made no promises about Sessions’ fate post-November 6, 2018. Which means — in Trump speak — that Sessions will be fired on or about November 7. Trump likely thinks that by announcing he won’t fire Sessions […]

SoFi's had a rough year. Can it move on?

What $100,000 in student debt feels like SoFi wants to build itself into a financial services powerhouse for the Millennial age. But the hard-driving fintech startup, valued at roughly $4.5 billion, has been rocked by scandal in the past year. The company has faced lawsuits from former employees, including two that claim it failed to […]

FDA warns against King Bio drug products

“These products may pose a safety risk to people (especially infants, children, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems), as well as pets due to high levels of microbial contamination identified at the manufacturing site,” the agency said. The warning was issued as the company expanded a recall of these products, which are labeled […]