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She retired at 28 with $2.25 million

Planning young: a retirement roadmap Millennials are the first generation to shun traditional retirement and seek financial freedom instead — when income from savings is enough to cover expenses, and working becomes a choice, often long before the age of 65. Becoming financially independent and retiring early, a process known as FIRE, can be achieved […]

How to become financially independent in 5 years

Secrets of a dream retirement Done with the job? Ready to do your own thing? Those who are on track to be “financially independent and retiring early” — or “FIRE” — are. You’d need to be fired up to sock away enough money to quit your job and retire in just five years. But it’s […]

Smart money moves to make in your 20s, 30s, 40s

Planning young: a retirement roadmap Getting to retirement early is a complex mash-up of what you earn, what you save and how you invest. Just like the retirement moves you make as a school custodian earning $25,000 a year will be different from an anesthesiologist earning $280,000 a year, the moves you make as a […]

3 proven tips from someone who retired by 40

Planning young: a retirement roadmap Chris Reining isn’t your average retiree. He said goodbye to his working years at 37, and is now financially independent, living his life on his own terms. Growing up in a middle-class family in Illinois, Reining says he did well in school, earned scholarships, and attended the school that paid […]

NBA players obsess over these two TV shows

The Brooklyn Nets training facility is usually a mellow place in the summer months. The energy in the building wanes—such is life for an NBA team in the offseason. The full roster is not officially reunited; some players are on vacation or lying low, some pop into the facility to get shots up and refine […]

This couple is on track to retire — before they turn 40

Firefighter free falls into retirement For many people in their 30’s buying a house or paying off student loans is the main financial goal. But for Claudia and Garrett Pennington, 32 and 35 years old, the goal was to ditch their jobs forever. Why? Because they are on “FIRE” or on track to be financially […]

US Army unlikely to hit recruiting goal

About 70,000 have signed up so far, this fiscal year which ends September 30, meaning the Army is unlikely to meet its target of 76,500. An Army official also blamed the low enlistment rates on a “declining propensity to serve,” and a failure of recruits to qualify due to factors such as obesity. “About 70,000 […]

Man pleads guilty to assaulting woman and gets a 'pass'

The man then walked out of court with no prison sentence. “But I would like the gentleman to be on notice that this is his one pass,” prosecutor Andrew Grannik said in court Wednesday, CNN affiliate KTVA reported. “It’s not really a pass, but given the conduct, one might consider that it is.” Justin Schneider, […]