Lorenzo Johnson: Innocent Prisoners: Against All Odds

On behalf of the many innocent people in prison, I ask: why are the crimes that have been committed against us continually being swept under the rug of injustice?

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Police Officers Overwhelmingly Agree That Bad Cops Aren’t Held Accountable

There’s at least one belief officers and protesters have in common.

Police Officers Overwhelmingly Agree That Bad Cops Aren’t Held Accountable

WASHINGTON ― U.S. police officers largely believe high-profile deaths of black people at the hands of law enforcement officers have made their jobs …

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Yasmin Vafa: My New Year’s Resolution: Stop the Abuse to Prison Pipeline for Trafficking Survivors

For lawmakers and advocates in Washington, D.C., this New Year marks the beginning of a new Administration, a new Congress, and an opportunity to refl…

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On Hiking 100 Miles And Surviving Jail

I’ll never forget this experience and thanks to the state of Washington, they’ll never let me forget it either.

Carla Moreno: On Hiking 100 Miles and Surviving Jail

Fifteen trails and over 100 miles. 2016 was an epic year for hiking. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest never ceases to amaze me. The meadows burgeon…

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Allyson Aabram: The Gift Of Drug Court

The sea of unisex orange scrubs in the jury box was overwhelming. I scanned the makeup-free faces, tight pigtailed braids and bed heads, the one in th…

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Four Things We Can Do To End Mass Incarceration

It’s time for Americans to rethink how we use prison as a knee-jerk punishment for a majority of crimes. We have the highest

Elaine Pawlowski: We Need Doctors More Than Legislators

As the overdose rate from opioids and heroin continues to rise, families are begging for expanded treatment options and are expecting medical doctors …

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Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe At Home And Out Of Youth Prisons

The National Collaboration for Youth, which represents national youth serving organizations around the country such as YMCA’s