The 60 second interview: Innovation is an overused buzzword

Exigent associate director for legal solutions Matthew Hoy talks about what’s stopping in-house legal teams from exploring new technologies ahead of his round table session at The Lawyer’s In-house Counsel as Business Partner conference next month.

What does it mean to be innovative when it comes to legal services?

The term “innovation” has become an overused buzzword, too often deployed as a marketing catch-phrase, its meaning has become obscured and diluted.

Matthew Hoy

For me, being innovative is seeing challenges as opportunities and architecting a new solution to an old problem.

Change through the utilisation of alternative working practices, the use of systems, software and technology, the outsourcing of bulky and time consuming work to achieve savings on cost and resource are ways legal functions can make changes and be seen as being ‘innovative’ in the eyes of their colleagues and peers.

What does the law department of the future look like and what skills will be valued most?

In my opinion the law department of the future will have a focus on 4 key areas; people, technology, information and process.
People: Fewer people, greater diversity, a focus on delivering real value through a team made up of different roles and skill sets.
Technology: Alternative methods of delivery, agile working and legal technology aimed at delivery efficiency.
Information: A greater reliance on technology, bigger data and better management information linked to metrics which indicate better value.
Process: A more streamlined and efficient approach which is outcome focused and client centric.

What holds legal departments back from exploring new tech?

The market is flooded with a multitude of technology and this can be very confusing to anyone looking at purchasing a solution. Confusion leads to a lack of understanding which often puts people off exploring their options further.

In any case, speaking to a company who specialises in legal technology can only be a good thing as it allows legal departments to fully evaluate their options, explore new ways of working and helps to drive change through efficiency.

Tell us two truths and one lie about yourself (in any order)

  • I once performed live on stage with The Commitments
  • When I left school I originally planned to train as a chef
  • At the age of 30 I was taught how to juggle with flaming torches by the Moscow State Circus.

Matthew Hoy is one of the 60+ speakers making up this year’s stellar speaker line-up at In-house Counsel as Business Partner on the 6-7 of November. For more information on the summit, a copy of the agenda, or to enquire about tickets to attend, please contact Kenan Balli on +44(0) 20 7970 4017 or

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